Justine has taught many traders over the years throughout Australia and the world. Find out how her programs have impacted her client’s lives as they share their stories.


“I started trading in 1988 with futures contracts on the SPI. I was spectacularly unsuccessful and lost my whole account in about a month. I gave trading away for many years but maintained an interest in it, reading numerous books over those years. I started back in the market in 2005 and then the Global Financial Crisis hit.

I knew I understood the basics of how the market worked and I had a good handle on technical analysis and I knew all the chart patterns, but I had no idea how to make money out of it. I didn’t know how to put it all together, to line it all up and what to do once I bought a share.

Then in mid 2008 I came across Justine’s Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course. I firstly bought her Smart Trade Tracker when I was looking for a management tool. That spreadsheet blew my mind. I have an IT background and it instantly clicked for me and I knew that if this lady could create a spreadsheet like that she had to be one smart dude and I wanted to learn from her. So a few weeks later I purchased the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course and I have not looked back.

This is when trading all came together for me. I realised now I did not have to look through thousands of charts looking for chart patterns, I could now scan the market and cut out all the noise and find those signals. All the books I had read went on about chart patterns and signals, but trying to find them looking through thousands of charts was impossible.

I had Amibroker and I knew how to code, so I coded Justine’s scans and created my trading machine. It was amazing to watch how the scans stripped away 99% of the market noise and revealed the signals. With the Smart Trade Tracker my trading now felt like a well oiled machine. All I had to do was just turn a few dials and the signals appeared and the spreadsheet was my mission control. It was one thing to buy a share, but I now knew how to track and manage my risk in the market with the help of the spreadsheet.

I am now 57 years old and it was over 7 years ago that I first purchased Justine’s course and spreadsheet. I continue to use Justine’s systematic approach to trading and follow the same processes and order that she taught me to do things. I now trade different instruments and other world markets, but the process is still the same. Over this time I have had one losing year and that was a loss of 5%. I now make more money trading per year than I do working. I am so pleased that I came across Justine when I did and I can’t thank her enough for helping me in my trading journey.”
David Brown, VIC

Photo of Tess Martin.“After the birth of my son I made the decision to learn to trade as I wanted to find a way to generate income so that I could stay at home to raise my son. I paid alot of money for a trading course to learn how to trade which professed to teach me all I needed to know about trading to make big money. That was not the case. I continued to struggle for five long years after and I was now totally and utterly frustrated at my lack of consistent profits and I just didn’t understand what I was doing wrong in my trading. Confusion, fear and overwhelm became common feelings at different times and I was exhausted and thought I just didn’t cut it as a trader.

Then in 2013 I came across Justine Pollard and purchased her Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course. I soon realised that I was making my trading way too complex and followed too many “indicators” and rules. This was when things took a major turn for the better for my life financially.

I went through each course session in detail. I set up the Metastock software that Justine recommended and created a clear and simple trading plan to execute as well as developed much needed routines and an easily executable trading system. With her “keep it simple” approach, my experience has grown exponentially over the few years since applying her system and knowledge.

I also enjoy being involved in her Mastermind webinars each quarter. This also helped to elevate my analysis and understanding of the markets to a new level. The changes I have seen in myself personally and financially in my trading have been nothing short of dramatic. I wanted to quit before, but I am glad I persevered when the going was tough. I now feel confident, organised and matter of fact about my trading thanks wholeheartedly to Justine and her course, knowledge, expertise, professionalism and trading systems. I wished I knew about this course seven years ago!”
Terri Martin, Brisbane, QLD

Photo of Paul Forster.“I am a cautious person and I started my entry into the stock market in a small way around 1998. I focused on a few blue chip stocks that provided acceptable capital growth with good dividend distributions. The intention was to hold these stocks whilst they continued to satisfy this criteria. So from 1998 until around 2006 I was an investor and I was basing my decisions on fundamental analysis. My academic background is marketing so I thrived on the research required for fundamental analysis.

In 2006 I decided I wanted to become more involved in the exciting world of share trading. Although I was already reasonably successful at the portfolio I had built up I wanted to move into something else. So I started to read as much as I could about trading and in 2007 I purchased MetaStock and started paper trading – this I saw as my apprenticeship phase.

The challenge now was trying to take all the information I gained from reading books written by many experts and develop it into a practical trading system. Then in December 2008 I purchased Justine’s ‘Smart Trading Plans’ book which became the biggest turning point for me. Not only was the book full of very informative information but as a result of reading the book I eventually decided to take the next step and purchase her Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course.

Justine’s training package enabled me to develop a trading plan and I have rigidly followed it. Over the years I have made formal changes to the plan when circumstance suggested I should. I believe one of the main keys to trading is to develop a trading plan and to follow that plan.

Ever since I completed Justine’s course, I have learnt to maintain a very disciplined approach to trading. I also have a sense of excitement every day when I evaluate what has happened in the market. I have MetaStock set-up with her systems and it does the grunt work for me by scanning the market. This has allowed me to be successful without having to spend hours seeking out shares to enter and working out when to sell.

The one most important thing about working with Justine is her willingness to share her knowledge and outcomes in virtually every detail. I am also a long-term Mastermind member and she continues to provide support through this program with her webinars and discussion forum as well as her newsletters and invitation to contact her via email or telephone.

Justine’s training program has helped me to trade successfully on the stock market with a disciplined and planned approach and I have gained a success rate that has far exceeded my expectation.”
Paul Forster, NSW

Photo of Dave Moran with Justine Pollard.“I had been trading the Aussie share market for around 5 years with a rules-based monthly system and a weekly system, as well as a mechanical end-of-day system for shares. What I was looking for to add to my trading arsenal was an end-of-day swing trading system I could trade in both directions and also to be able to participate in the market when opportunities for shorting arose.

In 2012, at age 65, I purchased Justine’s Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course and discovered her daily swing trading system which filled my need beautifully. The trading pack I purchased was great value for money. I learned more out of the Maximising MetaStock Online Course in a very compressed time frame than what I had achieved with any other MetaStock training I did before. It was exactly the level of training I was after.

The “Smart Trade Tracker” is a ripper – totally practical and easy to use. It’s designed for the trader to easily execute and be in control of their risk management and position sizing. The integration and use of portfolio heat in the risk management is a major plus, as this was one of the challenges I had before I took up the course. I’ve used this fantastic tool since day one and it forms an integral part of my trading routine.

The Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course is smart, detailed, comprehensive and thorough. Justine provides full transparency to the systems she trades which are clearly presented and quite easy enough to follow.

Trading is a skill that takes time to learn and hone. You need to put the time in to learn, develop your trading plan and master your new skills. Justine always says the market is one’s best teacher. There are discretionary parts that only hands-on practice and more practice can help. This part cannot be shortcut and is a necessary part of developing competence and consistency as a trader. Justine continues to help with this through the different levels of support that she provides throughout the training package I purchased.

After working methodically through all aspects of the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course and writing up my initial trading plan, I started paper trading the daily system for about three months before going live with it. Since then I have continued to trade share CFDs and each year my performance results have improved.

The level and additional support Justine provides is exemplary and the extent and quality of the training materials is unsurpassed. As one progresses and learns, Justine is ever available to provide guidance and helpful comments particularly in the Mastermind Forum. She is hugely generous with her time and level of support provided for those who are smart enough to ask and tap into her experience.”
Dave Moran, VIC

Photo of Penny Taylor.“I live in Central Queensland on a sheep and cattle property that my husband and I own. We have both always had a keen interest in shares and financial matters and we initially started trading shares using fundamental analysis with a buy and hold method. I then became interested in technical analysis and progressed to trading shorter term. Trading was still very new to me and I started to educate myself by reading heaps of books and teaching myself how to trade CFD’s. For me trading challenges my mind and stimulates my mathematical nature.

I decided I needed help to do this, but I didn’t have a lot of spare time or money to attend different courses. I wanted one course to meet all my needs. So I searched for a quality course that I could do at home and gave me access to a respected Australian mentor and trading community. I had read Justine’s book “Smart Trading Plans” and I was impressed with the way she presented information. I contacted Justine and found her to be an approachable and experienced trader.

I purchased Justine’s Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course in March 2012. I was so impressed with the amount of information included in the course and the way it was presented. I had preconceived ideas about what I wanted to achieve and what information I needed to take me to the next level in my trading journey and the course surpassed all my expectations. It consolidated my trading knowledge and gave me the confidence and necessary knowledge to trade effectively.

The course also introduced me to the MetaStock software and taught me how to use it efficiently. Justine’s indicators, scans and trading plan were included in the course, and were a great starting point for improving my trading.

I really like the way Justine shares how she trades – she shares her actual trades and includes both good and the bad trades during her Mastermind webinars. I also find the deals she shares with her clients like MetaStock and brokerage are invaluable. I believe finding a trading mentor is a personal thing. I was looking for someone with integrity and I found Justine to be an honest, ethical person as well as a great trading role model.

Now that our business is more established and our children are almost independent, I will have more time for trading. I have recently fine-tuned my trading plan and I am looking forward to focusing on my trading following Justine’s approach.”
Penny T, QLD

Photo of Des Finegan.“I started my trading journey owning a few shares given to me by the company I was with at the time and held on to them. I also bought a few shares that were recommended by some people I knew who had shares. I did not really have any idea what I was doing and the big challenge for me was knowing where to start and what instrument I should use to trade. I had no trading plan and my money management was non-existent. All I knew is that I needed to get educated but I did not know where to start to get the information I needed.

So I read a lot of books and found information from various traders and authors and tried to pick the right parts that would work for me. I then came across Justine Pollard and decided to purchase her Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course in 2012 and then I joined her Smart Traders Mastermind group the following year.

It took me some time, but I finally got my trading plan together I now have money management rules in place. I firmly believe that setting up the money management rules is a must and I have learnt that from Justine. I also discovered the different stop losses I can use and they have become my insurance policy in the market.

What I liked is that Justine was not afraid to showcase her trading system. She was able to teach this in simple ways, like showing videos of live trading, executing scans and going through the shares she likes and doesn’t like, which was very helpful. Justine’s Smart Trade Tracker also helps me a lot. I am able to sleep at night and I am more confident now with my trading.”
Des Finegan, NSW

Photo of Merv Cooke.“I am a 65 year old beef cattle farmer and I became interested in trading back in 2003 after reading an advertisement in the local paper for a two-day share trading course. The course coincided with the commencement of a bull market which ran for the next 4 years. At that time trading seemed easy and my trading account kept growing. I thought I was a genius.
Then, the Global Financial Crisis came and nothing I tried seemed to work. I read several trading books and did another day course with a trader in Sydney. I still didn’t seem to be able to get ahead.

Then in 2009 I came across Justine Pollard and purchased her Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course. I also joined her Smart Traders Mastermind group shortly after that. At the time my confidence was way down and her course was just the tonic I needed to pick myself up again.

I also discovered MetaStock and candlesticks and loved how Justine’s MetaStock scans and trailing stops worked. The Mastermind webinars really helped to extend my knowledge and I liked the webinars and how Justine shows how she applies her rules to the charts and shares working examples of her trades. The market period for the next few years after was mostly sideways and it continued to be a difficult market to trade. I still felt like I was struggling with my trading and was not able to replicate the returns of the strong bull market that started in 2003.

In 2013, the market change occurred and I decided to turn on Justine’s weekly trading system. I started cautiously adding a few positions. My returns started to improve and I began to put more focus on the longer-term weekly trading system and less on CFDs. I also became exposed to fundamental analysis. I am convinced that I should be using some fundamentals in my trading system. I have found that fundamentals combined with Justine’s technical entry and exit system greatly improved my returns.

I love my work and will continue to do so for as long as possible. I am passionate about my share trading and investing and spend about an hour each evening running the scans and researching whatever I can about the markets. In reality don’t need to spend the time I do, but I just love doing it.

I look back and I can see that I have now experienced all the stages of the investment cycle, I know it is a process and it does take time. I just wish I knew of Justine earlier in my trading career. I appreciate the honest approach she has as an educator and thank her for the help and continued support she has given me and others through her courses, the Mastermind program and her newsletters.”
Merv C, NSW

Photo of Alan Goh.“I am from Singapore and I have been quite fascinated with Forex trading. However, I was totally clueless as to how to trade. I set-up an FX demo and live account but didn’t really have a strategy in place for buying and selling, it was more like counting my luck when doing a trade.

I knew I needed help and that was when I found Justine. Keen to learn I purchased her Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course in 2013 hoping to further develop this new skill. I learned a lot about trading and methodology from her course. Every setting and detail was included in the course and I really enjoyed the great presentation from the videos and audios.

I gained the knowledge on how to look at the market, how to manage risk, how to set up a trade correctly regarding entry and exit and I have gained my confidence to begin my trading journey.

I still had some big lessons to learn. Instead of being patient and protective of my capital which I learned from Justine’s risk and money management, I was over trading my small size account. I still didn’t trade CFDs or stocks and immediately ventured into FX trading. Partly I was thinking, risk a small account, trade intraday, capture momentum and learn a trillion market moves from mild to extreme volatility. I must say I had some good learning experience, some idiotic frenzy buying and selling, good and bad times.

I have learned from my failures. I know all I need is to adhere to the teaching of the course. I also have to polish and rework my mindset, change my attitude towards trading and cultivate good habits like having more discipline and patience and strictly follow my trading plan to achieve consistent result.

Justine’s course opened my mind, my confidence and even imagination and has provided me with the tools to be a good trader. I am still early into my trading journey and my work keeps me very busy. I plan to continue to learn and to trade in my spare time.

Justine is an excellent, detailed, compassionate, wise teacher and trader. Those who want to learn how to trade correctly should start with her.”
Alan Goh, Singapore

Photo of Robert Mcleish.“I started with a significant portfolio of shares I had in an estate as an executor. I was being advised by a broker on the management of the parcel of shares. The broker was available for me to discuss potential changes in the share portfolio, charged commission and provided a newsletter about market conditions. However, I was responsible for making the buy, sell and hold decisions without any knowledge of how to make these decisions.

There was no risk management strategy in place, no decision mechanism in place on how to decide to hold, buy or sell, no strategy in place to manage our share portfolio and the costs were high in maintaining this arrangement.

I knew I needed help, so in 2010 I purchased Justine’s Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course . After completing the course I began to take personal responsibility for managing our super fund, managing risk and for making trading decisions. I have developed our own trading plan which includes the use of MetaStock, risk management and trading techniques which I use for almost 5 years now.

Trading still has its challenges from time to time and I have learnt that it is important to regularly review your progress and update your trading plan as you progress as a trader. I know that I have Justine available to review things with and I can book in for a personal mentoring session as needed. She is always available to assist and answer my questions. She has an incredible ability to explain the techniques she uses in simple and clear ways.

Plus, Justine’s associated support from the Smart Traders Mastermind program is a great contribution to her courses. She continues to share how she approaches trading and amazingly shares her own trading experiences – the good and the bad, so her clients can see what actually happens in practice when she applies her trading techniques. This allows us to compare how we apply our trading systems and the results. Justine’s honesty and openness with her clients is her very special quality.”
Robert McLeish, NSW

“I am a property valuer and invested in the share market on and off for some years in a disorganised manner. I understood the principles of both technical and fundamental analysis. I knew what I was basically doing but I lacked a plan and organisation. I purchased MetaStock but I did not know how to use it and found it too complicated.

I made money in the good years but, if I took my eye off the ball, I lost it. I understood money management and stop losses but I was very lax in the application. My lack of organisation, dedication and education were my biggest challenge but I knew I could do better in trading with a push in the right direction.

In April 2012 I attended a MetaStock conference in Melbourne where Justine spoke about her trading methods, exposing me to an excellent explanation of the requirements to be a successful trader.

Then in August 2013 I took the leap and purchased Justine’s Smart Trading Plans book and the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course. Her training pack included all the tools I needed to get set-up to become a successful and organised trader. Justine helped me develop a trading plan and taught me to effectively use MetaStock, which is set-up to mirror her trading routine, systems and strategies. Her Smart Trade Tracker made it easy on my part to review and keep my records for taxation and money management. I now have my trading routine set-up and in place.

Justine also takes it a step further and follows up with ongoing support through the Smart Traders Mastermind group, with both a discussion forum available for members and private webinars. This allowed me to regularly stay connected to her and keeps the information current.

Justine has helped me to fill in all the gaps I was missing and gave me the tools of trading and showed me how to be organised. She gave me that push I needed and has taken my trading to the next level.”
David G, VIC


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