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Trading is a business, and as with any business, to run it successfully it’s essential you maintain good records.

The Smart Trade Tracker is a specialised trade management tool designed to make it easy to manage your trading systems by effectively tracking, analysing and evaluating your performance in the market.


Steamlined Trading

Designed and developed by a trader, the Smart Trade Tracker enables you to streamline your trading, reducing the time required to track and manage your trading activity and provide you with performance measurement tools to monitor and evaluate your trading performance. The Smart Trade Tracker will rapidly become a key part of your trading routine.

The Smart Trade Tracker is founded in risk management and is designed to suit a style of trading incorporating the following strategies:

  • Stop loss strategy  incorporating the Chandelier ATR exit method. Note: you have the option to select an alternative stop loss if the Chandelier value is not appropriate for a particular trade.
  • Position size trades using the percentage risk method, based on your current total reduced capital available – this is how much money you have in your bank account plus your open positions based on where your stop losses are currently set.
  • Pyramiding strategy that incorporates ATR incremental landmarks for entry and a descending percentage of equity method for position sizing. Note. You may also select your own custom percentage for pyramid position sizing.
  • Portfolio heat management so that you can manage your maximum risk exposure in the market place at all times.


Track a Range of Instruments

The Smart Trade Tracker tracks shares, CFDs and Forex instruments. Not only does it enable you to track a range of instruments, it also allows you to take advantage of the features that CFD trading offers. For example:

  • Trading overseas markets – the Smart Trade Tracker allows you to track overseas market trades and view the trade details in the currency of the trade, as well as in your local currency. It is set up so that you can keep all your trading dollars in one currency for risk management, position sizing and capital availability, yet track the stops and price activity in the overseas currency.
  • GSLO stops – the introduction of GSLO stops provides you with the opportunity to trade beyond your capital in a safe way, so that you can sleep at night. The Spreadsheet calculates the minimum price at which you can set the GSLO and treats GSLOs as insured capital which you may add to your trading equity if you choose, as well as risk a percentage of this locked in profit to pyramid into the current position.


Evaluate Your Trading Performance

One of the key features of the Smart Trade Tracker is that it has its own Evaluation page, allowing you to track your performance in the market at any given point in time. Not only does it evaluate your total trading performance, it also allows you to evaluate specific systems as well as other scenarios. For example, you can evaluate your weekly trading system separately from your daily trading system, or your Forex separately from your CFD trading, or long trades separately to short trades.

Comprehensive User Guide & Video Tutorials

When you purchase the Smart Trade Tracker (Excel format) you also receive a comprehensive User Guide (PDF format) and access to online videos that will walk you through step by step and help you get started. It guides you through opening and saving the Spreadsheet to your computer, leads you through an example trade exercise so that you become familiar with entering in the data, playing with the parameters and viewing the results. It also guides you through the additional and advanced functionality of the Smart Trade Tracker, so that you are familiar with entering different kinds of trades and different scenarios.

For further details and screen shots of the Smart Trade Tracker, click here.

With a proven track record of more than eight years, the Spreadsheet has provided both novice and experienced traders with an exceptional trade management tool.

If you are serious about your trading business,
you can’t afford to miss this exceptional trade management tool.


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Rave Reviews*

“I bought the Smart Trade Tracker and have worked through the notes and setup a practice trade. The spreadsheet has bought everything together for me now and was the missing piece in the puzzle. It is an amazing spreadsheet. I am amazed at what it does and how easy it is to use. I thought I knew a bit about spreadsheets but must admit your Smart Tracker takes it to a new level for me.”
Heidn Potgeiter, VIC


“If you want to trade professionally, then this is an amazing tool to have working on your side…. I’ve been using it for over 4 years and I can’t trade without it. I believe the Smart Trade Tracker has helped me to survive my early stages of trading and become a profitable trader in the market. This is definitely worth every cent.”
Frank Sellam, NSW


Fay Benjamin“For more than five years I’ve been a constant user of the Smart Trade Tracker and would not trade without it. I trade shares, CFDs and FX and the Smart Trade Tracker handles everything from position sizing, trade management, performance reporting and portfolio management with simplicity and ease. It is an exceptional trade management tool that dovetails beautifully with my trading plan and makes trade management a breeze.”
Fay Benjamin, QLD


“I would be lost without the Smart Trade Tracker, it’s by far the most important document of all your course together with your wonderful help. Thank you.”
Ian Macdougall, NSW

Tammy Mitchum“What has impressed me with the Smart Trade Tracker is that it is very simple to use, even for myself who is not very computer literate, yet gives a vast amount of information even for the most advanced traders. I can highly recommend the Smart Trade Tracker to anyone from the basic trader to the very advanced.”
Tammy Mitchum, NSW

“This spreadsheet will be invaluable for running trading in a business like manner. I should have purchased this before I started trading.”
John Mulley, NSW

Malcolm Tew“Your Smart Trade Tracker is excellent. I have been using my own spreadsheet for years continually modifying it and upgrading it to make it do what I wanted but your layout and cross referencing of data is superb and I know it will be an essential part of my routine.”
Malcolm Tew, ACT

“The Smart Trade Tracker has made the more mundane tasks of trading less time consuming and tiresome. The paperwork is now a non-issue, and trade and risk management are as mechanical and instantaneous as you want it to be. I’m very happy to recommend the Smart Trade Tracker – it’s a key component in my trading routine.”
Paul Welsby, NSW
“The Smart Trade Tracker spreadsheet I purchased is a godsend. I was bumbling along with no real direction of money management and of course staying in trades much longer than I should have. From now on I will be able to manage my trading more professionally.”
Bevan Rundle, QLD


The Smart Trade Tracker has been a real Godsend for some years now, auditing, recording and summarising all my trading so I know where I’m at and it’s all so easy for the accountant. I don’t know what I’d do without this tool now.”
Chris C, VIC


“I am finding your Smart Trade Tracker a great help, it saves me a lot of time and is also a great tool for reviewing trades on a regular basis to identify things that I could have done differently.”
Simon Kerry, VIC


“Thanks for making the Smart Trade Tracker available for purchase. After placing my first couple of trades in the market it became apparent that my lame attempt at a spreadsheet just wasn’t going to cut it – your Smart Trade Tracker is an absolute godsend for me. Plus your user guide and videos are very comprehensive.”
Mark Polkinghorne, QLD


“Thanks for your Smart Trade Tracker spreadsheet. I love it. I can’t tell you how much of a difference your spreadsheet has made to my trading and record keeping. This was an area that I have struggled with, having multiple messy spreadsheets that end up corrupting and making it difficult to track my performance. Your beautiful spreadsheet has made a huge positive difference in my trading life.I recommend it to anyone. I only wish I had started with it years ago.”
Jenny Taylor, WA




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