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Course Overview

MetaStock is a powerful trading toolbox. But it can be difficult to know where to start, and it’s not easy to be aware of, and use the software’s full potential.

Justine has recorded an online video course that comes complete with a MetaStock workbook teaching you everything from basic use to the advanced functions. In this course you’ll establish your MetaStock set up and streamline it to run your own scans.

If you don’t own MetaStock, and you are considering purchasing it, contact Oracle Trader who support all Smart Trading clients and have a special package setup. You can find out more about how to purchase MetaStock from the FAQs section.

The course has online videos that cover the following:

  • Setting up Local Data.
  • Integrating Local Data into MetaStock.
  • Getting Started.
  • Creating Your Default Template.
  • Clearing Old Smart Charts.
  • Creating Custom Lists
  • Creating Layouts & Custom Toolbar.
  • Understanding MetaStock Formula Language.
  • Indicator Builder and how to build your own indicators.
  • Explorer & how to set up scans.
  • Expert Advisor and how to put buy arrows on to charts.
  • Final review & tips on using MetaStock once it is all set up.


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Course Reviews*

“Thank you Justine, I just finished the Maximising MetaStock Video course and have set up my MetaStock software. I just wanted to say how much easier it is having some guidance to do this! It saved me heaps of time just being able to follow the videos – they are great!”
Jennifer Forest, Author of Behind Jane Austen’s Door and Jane Austen’s Sewing Box,
“Thank you! Your Maximising MetaStock is a great course. I was fairly comfortable using Metastock but have always thought there must be some easier ways of doing the things that I was doing. Your course has assisted me in simplifying MetaStock without having to spend lots of time tinkering with it and trying to work it out myself. I now have it all set-up and my charts are looking pretty good now.”
Darren Dunn, QLD
“Thank you Justine for the Maximising MetaStock online course. It is an excellent collection of videos that has helped me demystify MetaStock. It has given me a great start rather than what I had, a whole bundle of cds and books from Equis International that I could neither make head nor tail of. I liked that I could pause and rewind the videos and follow along step-by-step with MetaStock open on my screen in another window. The videos along with the downloadable workbook are an excellent study program that I recommend to others who need assistance with setting up and demystifying MetaStock.”
Mike Smith, SA
“Your Maximising MetaStock Online Course was exceptional and helped cut through all of the clutter. I was sceptical at first whether the course was worth the investment but after a few sessions I realised it was a sound decision as to learn these skills from the supplied Metastock workbook would have taken many days of study. Many thanks.”
Darren Lowndes, NSW
“A word of thanks, I went through your Maximisng Metastock Online Course over the weekend and I have to say that I learnt more from watching the videos, than owning the package for ten years, well done.”
Robert Van Eyden, South Africa



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