Smart Traders Mastermind

Smart Traders Mastermind


Exclusive support program for clients only!

The Smart Traders Mastermind is an annual program that is exclusive to Justine’s personal clients only, who have completed the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course and have a thorough understanding of her trading systems and strategies.

Trading is a journey of self development and discovery and it can be a very lonely and frustrating endeavour. Justine knows that in order to stay focused with trading it is important to stay in contact with like minded people. That is why she developed the Smart Traders Mastermind Membership Program. She wants to create a like minded community of traders and continue to provide regular support throughout the year.

Justine will continue to be your personal mentor and will reinforce your learning’s by discussing specific topics of interest, regularly providing an overview of the current market action and sharing some of her actual trades (both winning and losing trades). This is your chance to continue to learn exactly how Justine applies the principles she has taught you into her trading.

So, if you want to be part of this exclusive community of like minded people that have the same knowledge base as yourself and are keen to become peak performers at trading, then


Mastermind Membership Benefits

The Smart Traders Mastermind includes a full year’s membership and included in your membership are:

  • Monthly Mastermind market video updates (approx 20 minutes in duration) recorded by Justine sharing some of her current trades.

  • Live 90 minute webinars with Justine on a specific topic including Q & A time – that’s 3 webinars per year held every 4 months – April, August and December. These live events will be recorded so do not worry if you can’t join in on the night.

  • Comprehensive notes supporting each webinar.

  • Special Members Only Private Website access with access to the previous years webinar recordings and monthly newsletters.

  • Exclusive Members Only discussion forum so that you can stay in touch with Justine and other members and discuss particular areas of interest and learn from each other.

  • SURPRISE BONUS live trading webinar so you can watch Justine trade live – see her run her market scans, select a trade (if a candidate meets her criteria) and place the trade online.

  • Plus, special Members discounts on products, training and special webinar events

Once you join you will be given access to the Smart Traders Mastermind exclusive website which will explain everything you need to know. You will also be added to the Mastermind email list and Justine will personally send you an email each month with her Market Video Update and let you know in advance of the next upcoming webinar. Don’t worry if you can’t make a webinar, they are recorded.

So if you want to continue to be supported in your trading journey, and see how Justine applies all the strategies she has taught you into her trading, then this is the program for you.


Join the Smart Traders Mastermind Today!

Secure your full years membership to the Smart Traders Mastermind for only $497 per year. Or you have the option of paying quarterly for the year with a payment plan of $129 per quarter.

Membership is exclusive to clients who have purchased the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course. After 12 months you will have the option to extend your membership for another 12 months.

To purchase and become a member: log-into the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course website and click ‘My Profile’ and you can purchase this item by selecting the ‘Add/Renew Subscription’ option.

If for some reason you can no longer log into the course or have completed personal training with Justine in the past, please email Justine to arrange your membership:


Smart Traders Mastermind Terms & Conditions

The Smart Mastermind is exclusive to clients who have been personally taught by Justine Pollard and understand her trading systems and strategies. Please do not join unless you are committed to at least a full year of learning.

The training services provided by Smart Trading Pty Ltd (ABN: 45 095 040 485) involve the supply of factual information about securities and securities markets only. The training services do not provide any investment advice and do not involve any recommendations in relation to participants personal financial circumstances or investment needs, or the current or future value or prospects of any securities or securities markets. Any reference to a particular security is made purely for illustrative purposes and is not a recommendation.

Smart Trading Pty Ltd is not a licensed investment adviser and the information provided is not suitable to be acted upon as investment advice. You should obtain investment advice from a licensed investment adviser before making any investment decisions.

Smart Trading Pty Ltd and any agent appointed by Smart Trading Pty Ltd will not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense incurred or suffered by you if you rely on any information provided in making investment decisions. By becoming a member of the Smart Traders Mastermind with Smart Trading Pty Ltd you are agreeing to these conditions set out above.


Rave Reviews about the Mastermind program*

“I love the Mastermind sessions … sometimes I feel like it is the equivalent of an AA session for traders … keeps me focused on what is important and reinforces that I must always stick to my rules!”
Mary-Ellen Quirk, NSW,

Pete Wolf-Jones“I have been downloading your Smart Traders Mastermind sessions for future reference and felt compelled to email you in utter amazement at your energy and enthusiasm which is clearly reflected in all facets of your life. You are a source of constant inspiration and encouragement to me which I feel can never be truly expressed in mere words.”
Pete Wolf-Jones, NSW


“Thank you Justine, I am writing to let you know that I thought last night’s Mastermind Webinar was excellent. It certainly provides a direct & immediate insight into your method and thought process. I could not ask for more from you as a trading educator and mentor.”
Andrew Hemmings, NSW


“I really enjoyed your mastermind webinar session the other day and seeing how you go through your search candidates and weed them out. Great service!”
Nicky. P, NSW


Merv Cooke
“I wish I had discovered you and your Smart Traders Mastermind group years ago. Through you I believe I have discovered the “Holy Grail” of trading.”
Merv Cooke, Wagga Wagga, NSW


“Thank you Justine, I found your Mastermind webinar to be incredibly valuable, since it puts into practice your trading strategy and highlights some of the subtle nuances you use for judging potential trades. The Mastermind message board looks to be another terrific asset too – I’ll look to use it if any particular issues arise.”
Serge. S, VIC


“Thank you Justine, your Smart Traders Mastermind membership has certainly got me going in the right direction when I commenced trading some years ago. I have been quite successful sticking to my investment plan and your regular Mastermind webinars have kept me on the straight and narrow. I really look forward to the webinars, especially the segment where you work through the assessment of a recent days stock review, and the process that you follow.”
Paul Forster, NSW


*Testimonials appearing on this website are based on individual experiences only and results will and do vary depending on individual circumstances. We do not make any representation that these results are typical and are not necessarily representative of those that have or will use our products or services. Please refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of this website to understand the risks of trading in shares and CFDs.