‘Here’s a course that lets you inside the head of a professional trader so you can really learn how to trade. You will get all the inside information and full access to Justine’s share and CFD trading system strategies and her personal trading plan’



An Elite Online Mentoring Course for Beginners and Experienced Traders

So you’ve read lots of books and maybe you have already purchased many courses, but it is still not coming together. You’ve spent time trying to learn to trade successfully and You’re Frustrated!

You’ve completely over complicated trading with too many trading rules, indicators and chart patterns, and you just don’t know which way to turn.

If only someone would give you their trading system and share their trading plan. You want to get inside the head of a professional trader and learn from them.

Well, you’ve found the right course

Justine’s goal is to demystify trading. She does this by sharing exactly how she trades the markets. She provides the codes to her market scans and all her strategies for entries, exits and money management. Plus you will learn all about her trading routine and the extra charts she looks at to form a view of the current market action. She shares it all with you.

Best of all she continues to support you throughout the year with her annual Smart Traders Mastermind program. You will receive monthly update videos from Justine, get invitations to webinars for her clients only and join a community of traders through the exclusive discussion forum.

So whether you are just starting out in trading and ready to take your technical analysis knowledge to the next level or you are stuck and been trying to trade for years, look no further.

The Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course is here for you. And the good news is you can get started right now.


Benefits Of The Course

  • You’ll learn all about how Justine trades shares and CFDs.
  • You’ll be given access to Justine’s personal trading plan that is provided in parts throughout the course content.
  • You’ll receive the MetaStock codes to Justine’s personal trading systems and you can import them into MetaStock or adapt them to suit your charting package.
  • You’ll be given a trading plan template at the start of the course and your goal is to complete this template as you work through the course.
  • You’ll learn all about Justine’s core money management strategies so that you too can implement these into your trading.
  • You’ll walk away with a trading system you can import or code into your software and trading rules that you can trade with or adapt to suit you.
  • You’ll get access to an exclusive course website with a username and password which includes 15 webinar videos that Justine has personally recorded, downloadable audios from each webinar, comprehensive course notes and additional practical short videos showing how to put what you have just learnt into practice.
  • Plus, you will receive a 50% discount on any extra products you require that will assist you in your trading, such as the Smart Trade Tracker and the Maximising MetaStock Online Course.
  • If at anytime you need personal support you can book in for a personal one-on-one mentoring session with Justine. This is provided at an hourly rate and Justine offers personal mentoring to clients only.
  • As soon as you purchase you get instant access to the course and you can review it as many times as needed.

But that’s not all – there’s an extra special bonus:

Mastermind mentoring course logo.


Justine wants to continue to support you throughout the year and as an extra special bonus you’ll receive a years’ membership of the Smart Traders Mastermind Program, worth $497 absolutely free!

This is a client only program and each month you will receive a video market update from Justine, an invitation to several webinars throughout the year and access to a private discussion forum so you can connect with a community of traders that have all been through the course.


What’s the Cost?

You receive all this for only $2,997.00 or a payment plan of $347 per month for 9 months.

This is the best value mentoring course in the market. You will not find another mentoring course of this calibre for under $3,000.  Other courses are more than double and triple this cost. Plus, the course comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee.


One Full Payment
$2,997.00 per month

9 Month Payment Plan
$347 per month


You can pay for the course online right away through the secure Paypal website. Immediately payment is approved you will automatically receive an email explaining how to access the online course.

If you prefer to pay by direct debit you can simply email info@smarttrading.com.au and request an invoice.


Comprehensive and Focused

The course includes everything you need and nothing more: the trading rules, indicators, and chart patterns that focus on getting you successfully trading.


Benefiting from Justine’s Experience

Justine shares exactly how she trades the markets. She provides the codes to her market scans and all her strategies for entries, exits and money management. Plus you’ll learn all about her trading routine and the extra charts Justine uses to form a view of the current market action. And it doesn’t end there.


Ongoing Mentoring

Justine continues to support you throughout the year with her annual Smart Traders Mastermind program. You’ll receive monthly update videos from Justine, you’ll get invitations to webinars exclusive to her clients and you’ll join a community of traders through the exclusive discussion forum.


Beginner Or Experienced Traders

So whether you’re a beginner eager to take your technical analysis knowledge to the next level, or whether you’re stuck after years of trading, you should sign up now.


Pre-requisites for the Course

To gain the most from this course it is recommended that you have already completed the Smart Charting 101 Online Course (only $97) or you have a good understanding of technical analysis. This includes understanding:

  • how to draw support & resistance lines on charts
  • how to identify the trend of the share by drawing trend lines on charts
  • how to apply moving averages to charts and understand how they work
  • and most importantly understand the four market stages that shares move through.

Guarantee logo.

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the contents of this course, we offer a complete money-back guarantee. Simply send us an email within 30 days of purchasing and tell us the reason for your dissatisfaction. That’s how confident we are that you will love the content of this course. This course is jam packed with all Justine’s trading strategies and all the information you need to set-up your own personal trading plan.

In the stock market there are no guarantees and we can’t guarantee you the same results Justine achieves. You  have to do the work, put in the time to develop your trading plan and exercise the discipline we teach you throughout the course.

Course Sessions Covered

  1. MetaStock Code Files
    This web page provides all the MetaStock system and indicator codes for importation into MetaStock. All the codes will be explained as you work through the course sessions and can be adapted to other charting software.
  2. Introduction
    Find out what this course is all about and learn about charting packages, CFDs, short selling, etc.
  3. Trading Plan Development
    A trading plan is essential. You will be provided with a trading plan template and you will learn about Justine’s personal trading tools and trading routine.
  4. Money Management Part 1
    The keys to success lie in risk and money management strategies. Learn about why this is such an important part of your trading strategy and learn about the chosen position sizing, equity model and capital allocation strategies Justine uses in her trading.
  5. Money Management Part 2
    Stop losses are your lifeline in the market. Learn about the different methods and discover the trailing stop loss strategy Justine uses to follow the golden rule of trading.
  6. Money Management Part 3
    Discover how to build on profitable positions and manage your maximum risk exposure in the market.
  7. Technical Indicators
    Learn about the technical indicator Justine uses and how you can use it to assist you in your trading decisions.
  8. Sector Analysis
    Learn how to analyse sector charts and how you can use this as an additional technical tool to assist you in your trading decisions.
  9. Weekly Trading System
    You now have all the tools and knowledge you need to learn all about Justine’s trading systems. Firstly you will learn about the weekly long term trend following system including the scan and expert codes for that system.
  10. Daily Trading System
    Learn all about Justine’s daily swing trading system including the scan and expert codes for that system.
  11. Market Exposure Guidelines and Index Analysis
    Learn about the importance of reviewing world and local market indice charts and how this information can assist you with your exposure in the market. You will also receive a weekly analysis spreadsheet to track your weekly routine and discover the aggressive exit strategy that Justine employs during certain market times.
  12. Trading Evaluation
    Learn how to manage your business of trading and analyse and track your performance in the market.
  13. Other Trading Strategies
    Discover other trading strategies including channel trading and a bottom picking strategy that can be undertaken at certain times in the market and more.
  14. Trading Plan Finalisation and FAQs
    It’s time to finalise your trading plan and review what has been covered, as well as discuss a few of the final sections of the trading plan template and answer some frequently asked questions.

Good news is that you can get started right now by making one full payment or subscribing to the 9 month payment plan.

One Full Payment
$2,997.00 per month

9 Month Payment Plan
$347 per month


Rave Reviews*

“Thank you so much, Justine, for your excellent tuition. I have been trading your systems for over two years now. This afternoon, like most afternoons, I ran the scans, checked my positions, bought into a trade, wrote up the spreadsheet. No stress, no indecision, no misery! Just a calm process, modern technology and an interesting, profitable business. I am so relieved to have found your mentor course and to have learnt how to trade the markets in a calm and consistent manner.”


“Thanks Justine, I found the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course remarkably easy to apply the information provided to real world trading activities. The lessons are divided into logical units that contain the right amount of information, at a readily digestible level of complexity. A key outcome from the course is the development and enhancement of a quality trading plan that contains all required elements for successful trading. I have been trading for a few years now and this course is the single most useful trading resource I have found. I kept finding myself saying “That’s a good idea. I would be more comfortable doing that than trading my current strategy”.
Ross Hodgkinson, ACT


Pete Wolf-Jones“Justine, I would personally like to thank you for all your wisdom, kindness and compassion you have bestowed upon me through your mentoring. You have enabled me to discover new oceans filled with endless opportunities which I never knew existed. I feel forever blessed and honoured to be one of your students”
Pete Wolf-Jones, NSW


“Thank you Justine. Taking your course is the best thing I ever did in my life. I totally respect a person like you who can share her knowledge completely. When I was recommended to your Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course, I could not believe how lucky I was and that there was someone in the world like you that was willing to share their valuable knowledge with me, it has certainly supercharged my trading skills. It would have taken me years to get to the level I am at now with my trading. I think anybody who is indeed serious of being a trader should take your course. I wish I had known you two years ago, but still not too late.”
Lili Liu, NSW


Merv Cooke“Justine, I love the program. Over the years I have completed a couple of trading courses and read many books on the subject but nothing comes close to the straight forward easy to follow mechanical approach that you have and I congratulate you.”
Merv Cooke, Wagga Wagga, NSW


“Justine, I want to express my full gratitude for a very thorough and well constructed course that you have put together. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you teach. I feel that you teach the way that you wanted to be taught. I am most appreciative that you did not hold anything back and have given examples of winning and losing trades. I feel that you have been very sincere in providing your own personal experience on your trading track history rather than just sprout out random examples or only highlight your successful trades.”
Hong Lim, VIC


Peter Dawber“Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course is comprehensive, well paced and covers all aspects of trading. Trading plan template compliments the course very well. Extremely valuable to someone such as myself who has been trading for a number of years with varying degrees of success. I expect my trading to now go to a higher level. ”
Peter Dawber, New Zealand


“I would like to thank you for the Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course. I have done many courses and spent vast amounts of money on trading education over the last 10 years and I have to say that I have found your course has taught me more than I have learnt from all previous learning experiences. I find that your approach to trading makes so much sense, unlike most of the others, and I am looking forward to putting the system into action. Justine, thank you so much for sharing your trading, I am very pleased with the course.”
Barry Ganter, WA


“Thank you Justine I have completed your Ultimate Smart Trading Mentoring Course, and I am very impressed. You make it so easy to understand. I have traded CFDs in the past but kept getting stopped out with too tight a stops, making little profits and getting nowhere. Your trailing stop strategy will sort all my problems out. Your money management is more then I expected and with the Smart Trade Tracker I should accelerate in my trading. I wish I had known about you 4 years ago when I first started trading. I think every new and seasoned traders should do your course. Thank you Justine, I am a much happier trader.”
Colin Robinson, QLD


“Justine, I want to say thanks so much for all you have put into your Ultimate Smart Trading Mentor Course. You have given me the tools and the confidence to achieve something I had always dreamed of and I thought I wouldn’t be able to do. Your teaching is so detailed, easy to understand and follow. All the tools that are included in the Mentor Course are just fantastic. I’m looking forward to continue trading, following my trading plan and to becoming a professional trader, thank you to all your help and guidance.”
Carolina Restrepo, NSW


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